Emirati cuisine is just starting to get the attention it deserves. A couple of years ago, if you asked a UAE resident if they’ve tasted Emirati dishes, their answer would be no, even if they have lived in Dubai for quite some years! I am guilty of that. Being born and brought up in this country, I only tasted Machbous and Mandi about a year ago. I can’t believe I missed out on such delicious dishes all this time.

Even tourists who come to the UAE tend to miss the chance to taste Emirati cuisine. Perhaps because the restaurants serving this cuisine are not located in touristy areas, or because tourists spend most of their time in the mall, beach or hotel.


Mandi being eaten the traditional way

Emirati cuisine reflects the history of the land. A coastal desert country, the fishing industry thrived and Bedouins herded goat or lamb, which meant the staple meals consisted of fish or livestock combined with grains and dairy. Camel is also eaten on special occasions. Most of the spices used come from India which maintained good trading relations with this region throughout history.

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Tourists pose at one of the food stops

One of the tours featured on tastecapade.com takes you cycling by the beach, riding through old Emirati neighborhoods and small ports. The best part is, you get to try some traditional food and get around by bicycle to discover some hidden gems.

Bikes and traditional Emirati Boats

Traditional fishing boats at the port

Some of the dishes tasted are freshly caught fish from the Arabian Gulf cooked in local spices, juices made with exotic local fruits and flavors, traditional rice dishes with meat eaten in a typical Emirati setting, vegetarian Arabic delicacies, and of course, delicious local desserts.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish cooked over a bbq

This is the first tour to feature on tastecapade.com with many more to come. We hope to see you on this unique Dubai tastecapade!

Tastecapade by Bike Video


This tour is unfortunately not being run anymore, but tastecapade.com has a host of new tours. One similar tour is the walking tour of Dubai, which too is equally fun. You get to test 9 different dishes and walk through the streets of old Dubai knowing about its culture, history and heritage. Give it a try and we are sure you’d love it.

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