We all have an appetite for the world. Most of us have traveled at least once in our lifetime. The excitement of seeing something new is undeniable. Breathing new air, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and ways of life, seeing new architecture, and of course, tasting new types of food.

We may not realize it, but eating is one of the major attractions when traveling to a new country. The same question pops up 3 times a day (or more), “what should we eat?”, and “what should we try this time?” Along the way, we are surprised by other people’s eating habits like “Rice for breakfast!”, or “worms for lunch!” The world is such a fascinating place, and the culinary habits that exist are even more fascinating.

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Influence of cultures on others can be seen everywhere. Throughout history people have invaded, migrated, and explored. The result of this: cuisine. A country like Mauritius has a population that consists of people from different descents such as Indian, African, French, British, and even Chinese. And what effect does this have on the food from Mauritius? A rich and diverse food culture consisting of dishes that combine flavors from all the descendant countries. Tasting the dishes would be a history course in itself!

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Turkish migration in the 1960’s into Germany, specifically Berlin, resulted in a natural creation of the Doner Kabab. A combination of the Turkish kabab, with a bready German waffle, mixed with local vegetables and fusion sauces. And what a delight. Same with the currywurst which was invented when Herta Heuwar got her hands on some curry from British soldiers who were stationed in India. She combined that with ketchup and used it as a topping for hot dogs.

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Dishes also tell you about economic hardships of a country. Kushari is a traditional Egyptian dish that constitutes of lentils, rice, macaroni, chickpeas, and tomato sauce. The dish came about when families mixed all the left overs together to not waste them. Likewise for many other countries around the world, the lower class food consisted of vegetable dishes/sandwiches. Most of these are now popular street food.

Deep down we are all big foodies, we all love tasting good food, and new food. When you go to Italy, you want to try the best pizza! When you go to India, you want the best butter chicken, in Thailand, you want to try delicious traditional pad Thai! Perhaps also learn how to make a new dish or two for those who like to get hands on and recreate it for friends back home.

And imagine, in addition to tasting good food, you combine it with fun sight-seeing activities such as walking through city landmarks, buying your own ingredients for a cooking class from a local market, cycling through wine fields, and even riding vespas with your guide from one eatery to another.

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A new type of adventure that combines traveling, exploring and eating is here. We would like to call it a tastecapade. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of the best food experiences from food tours, to cooking classes around the world which you can now experience on your next trip by booking on the website.

Happy eating!


Contributer: Mary Freij