Tucked away at the edge of Croatia on the Adriatic sea, is the beautiful medieval city of Dubrovnik. Known for being one of the few cities in the world still intact within ancient city walls. The city is super lively with a fun nightlife, great food, and beautiful beaches!

Dubrovnik City Walls

The old city walls run 1.9 km in length, enclosing most of the old city

Tastecapade’s Recommended Eats

1. Ham and eggs on toast

Sounds simple, but full of flavor. The eggs, fried to a medium consistency, and ham taste like they just came out of the farm. Great way to start the day.


2. Extra Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream is a must to cool down in the scorching heat of the Dubrovnik summer. There are several ice cream stalls around town. One flavor particularly unique to Dubrovnik is the Extra Dark Chocolate flavor which we highly recommend you try!

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3. Lamb Shank in a Red Wine Sauce

This dish can be found in most restaurants serving Croatian food. The lamb shank is served in a delicious red wine sauce with a side of mashed potatoes. The Croatians know how to cook their meat! It’s always super tender with the meat falling off the bone.


4. Pljeskavica

A Balkan dish made out of minced meat shaped into a patty. This version is stuffed with cheese. The red pepper paste on the side is also typically Balkan and adds a nice touch to the dish.


5. Truffles

All the truffle lovers out there, this is the place for you. In fact, Croatia is the biggest exporter of these food gems that come from the northern part in the Istiria region. Apart from finding it on almost all menus in Croatia, you can also buy some to take back with you. I highly recommend you do so because you can find the cheapest yet best truffles in the world. Fifty grams of truffle (in a jar) costs only 199 kuna (29$), as opposed to up to 150$ anywhere else.


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Contributer: Mary Freij