Here are 10 reasons why you should try a food tour on your next vacation:

1. Local experience

Get immersed in the culture of the city you are travelling to with food tours that give you a local experience with various interactions with locals as you explore the city’s eats.


2.  Eat like a local, not a tourist

Sometimes, finding the best local eats can be frustrating, especially when you mostly end up in tourist traps. Food tours guarantee you will be tasting the best and most authentic dishes the city has to offer.


3. Small groups

We all hate trailing behind a guide carrying a megaphone and speaking to 50 tourists at once. Food tours are cozy and intimate with most tours having a maximum capacity of 10 people, leaving room for questions and interaction with your local foodie guide.


4. Local foodie guide

You are in good hands, your local foodie expert is filled with  stories of the neighborhoods you are visiting and dishes you are tasting. You will also learn a lot about native ingredients dishes, and their history.


5. Organized

The best part about a food tour? You don’t need to plan or organize anything. Restaurants are pre-selected, and dishes pre-ordered for you to have a smooth few hours of tasting.

6. Carefully selected eateries

You don’t just visit any restaurant, you will be visiting the best and most authentic local eateries in the city. All carefully selected by your local foodie guide to ensure you leave the tour tasting new flavors and learning something new.

7. Local stories

There aren’t any boring historic facts on this type of tour. You will be learning about neighborhoods, people’s way of life, local eats, ingredients, special monuments and landmarks and more..


8. Delicious eats

Did we already say delicious eats? Most food tours leave you tasting about 7-8 dishes of the best local dishes. Although they are tasting portions, you will leave the tour feeling like you’ve had one big meal!

9. All inclusive price

When you pay for a food tour, you pay for the whole experience. Just enjoy the culinary journey and don’t worry about routes, ordering, paying bills, seating, reservations, etc… You just pay once and enjoy all the eats and information that comes from your foodie guide along the way.

10. Ignite all senses

Taste delicious dishes, feel the texture of food , see new sights, smell the aromas of the food markets, and hear the buzz of the city.

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About the Editor: Mary Freij is a foodie and traveler who has indulged, explored and learned about the cuisines of over 20 countries. She loves to travel  like a local, eat great food, and cook new exciting dishes. She is the creator behind the “Dubai Bike Tour” and “Old Dubai Cultural Tour” and currently runs some tours in Toronto.