White stone houses scattered over the hills. Breathtaking city light views at night. The sound of prayer from several mosques echoing through the valleys and mountains. The market place, so vibrant and lively. Lines and lines of people waiting in front of restaurants to grab a bite of the best shawerma, falafel, and knafeh. Especially knafeh, Jordanians love their knafeh!

Yes, food is very important in Amman. And before we go on, we’d like to stress on this disclaimer: gaining 3 kgs in just 5 days is inevitable, so just eat away!


After waiting in line, a peak at the knafeh

Amman city view

One of the many beautiful city views on the walk

The Ammani tastecapade takes you on a real foodie adventure with your local guide where you try some of the most famous traditional dishes. Ever thought you would eat lamb spleen stuffed with parsley and garlic? Or whole eggs cooked over charcoal in thick kaak bread? Or even the famous Jarashi labneh which leaves you squirming from the sour yet awesome taste? How about Mansaf, the famous Jordanian dish in one of the oldest restaurants in town?

downtown restautants

Old downtown restaurants

foul and hummus

Foul being served at the famous Hashem restaurant

This city tour offers a great snapshot into Ammani life when passing through the vibrant cafes where young people hang out for coffee and sheesha. One also gets their shot at bargaining with the shop owners who sell everything from traditional clothes to toys in Amman’s oldest market. And who knew there were so many different types of zaatar? A stop at a food stall will show you all the spices and grains available from Jordan and the neighboring countries like zaatar, sumac, saffron, burghul, freakeh, lentils and so much more.

Vegetables at Market PlaceWalking through the vegetable market

One of the best falafel joints in town


Spices and grains at the food market

We suggest you come extremely hungry to this tour. You’ve been warned.

Tour is everyday.

Time: 4-7:30 pm

Price: 25 JD/35$

Includes: City and food guide, tasting of up to 10 dishes and drinks, market walk, city walk, visit to cultural museum

Book now by sending an email to info@tastecapade.com

Check out the Amman City Tastecapade video:

Contributer: Mary Freij