Get to know Dubai like a local on this adventurous city tour. Do some sight seeing in a full-filling way: Cycle through old Emirati neighborhoods, beaches and small ports while stopping at several local restaurants and hidden gems to eat Emirati and Arabic food.

Some of the dishes tasted are freshly caught fish from the Arabian Gulf cooked in local spices, juices made with exotic local fruits and flavors, traditional rice dishes with meat eaten in a typical Emirati setting, vegetarian Arabic delicacies, delicious local desserts, and so much more.

Time: 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM



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Mar 20 2016

Thank you Tastecapade for the brilliant tour, it far exceeded my expectations! May, you were awesome and extremely helpful with everything. The food was great, and I'm so glad that we had a chance to discover some hidden gems in the city. As a seasoned Dubai resident, I recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience a different and authentic side of Dubai. We'll definitely be trying out your other tours soon!

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Rishav Verma
Feb 16 2016

Wonderful way to catch a glimpse of a different kind of Dubai from the fancy resorts and plastic surgery filled bars. The biking was perfect in the winter season and the stops were excellently slotted along the way. Mary is very personable and has a great knowledge into Dubai and Emirati Culture. Even though i've lived here over 14 years of my life. I was blown away by some of the places we visited and tasted some flavours for the first time. My only complaint is that time flies too quickly on this tour!!!

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Adam Barr
Feb 14 2016

Really recommend this tour - it exceeded our expectations! Our guide May was really friendly, knowledgable and helpful. The food we tried was all delicious, and we learnt a lot about the city and its history and of course its food. As well as the food, it's so nice to cycle around and spend so much time outdoors and doing something active.

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Mahmoud Gao
Feb 09 2016

For a chance to explore a side of Dubai you'll likely not to experience otherwise, check out this awesome tour! I’ve lived in Dubai for 4 years and never really got to experience the culture of the city till I met up with Tastecapade. The tour guide, who's brought up in Dubai, knows all the little ins and out of the city and even provides some historical background throughout the tour. I really loved that bit! Come to the tour hungry, as there’s plenty of food to experience. My personal favorite was eating in traditional Emirati style at Turath Al Mandi – on the floor, with our hands. I’m really looking forward to checking out the other Tastecapade has up their sleeves through the old souqs of Dubai.

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Feb 08 2016

Brilliant, not sure what my favourite part was. The food was different and delicious, the bike ride was fun and the learning was excellent even though I have lived in Dubai for 4 years. Thanks Mary - you are very knowledgeable

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Feb 01 2016

What a fantastic tour, the first time I have seen anything like this in Dubai, so much fun and very informative about local Dubai. Great to be on a bike and outdoors. Mary is exceptional in her guiding, I will definitely be taking part in her walking food tour of the souks as well

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Jan 30 2016

This food tour was the highlight of the week for my visiting parents and an absolutely new experience for me to explore new, original, local and especially tasty places in Jumeirah area! Absolutely loved it and Mary is a great and enthusiastic guide!

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Nora Barré
Jan 20 2016

This is the coolest thing you will do in Dubai. Just book it right now, don't think twice. Coming from the states, I knew that Dubai is a new country and wasn't sure if I would get an authentic experience. The bike tour gave me a glimpse into the past and allowed me to experience the city, flavor by flavor. It has a rich history and I was happy to learn about it on my tour. Our tour guide was very experienced and knowledgeable about all the stops and the history along the way. It's incredible to transition from Dates & Falafel to fresh fish and dates. I LOVED this tour. My favorite stop was the Seaside Restaurant and exploring the fishing port. It was such an adventure and I plan on booking it for my next visit to Dubai. Thank you, Mary! You were wonderful!

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Jan 16 2016

I spent about two weeks in Dubai this winter and by far the thing that taught me the most about Emirate culture was this tour. I'm really glad we did it and the food and views were both amazing. I'll definitely be getting a date shake my next time in the city.

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Greg Kaufman
Jan 15 2016

Great tour , lots of fun. i was so full , glad i did the bicycle tour to work off all the great stuff i ate , I highly recommend this tour , great way to discover Dubai

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Ryan Bednar
Jan 04 2016

An adventurous (and informative) 7-course meal with sites and an experience you cant find anywhere else for the price! Traveled from the USA and heard about this tour through word-of-mouth - Mary was incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable about the history of the area and the foods. Would definitely recommend over a "Dubai Safari Tour" (or like) event. Help support a local entrepreneur AND local businesses while seeing and learning about the more intimate side of Dubai - this is a must do!

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Dec 28 2015

It was my first time to Dubai and my first food tour experience. I must say, the tour was one of the highlights of my visit. Cycling through the old city was splendid and the traditional Emirati food was delicious. Not only was it a taste-bud teasing experience, but also fun exercise and enriching cultural experience. Thank you Mary!

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Dec 10 2015

I’ve been living in Dubai for over 8 years and the tour was one of the most fun, authentic amazing experiences I’ve ever been on in UAE. The tour guide was very friendly and patient, I brought along my 3 year old son and he enjoyed it a lot. And despite the fact that the tour was listed not suitable for Vegetarians and I am one, I did manage to enjoy different tastes and the guide was very flexible in trying to accommodate me. I highly recommend it! Thanks Tastecapade.

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Nov 26 2015

Absolutely amazing experience. I have lived in the UAE for 10 years and I'm still shocked at how much fun this was... and more importantly, what a "new' experience that this turned out to be. Next time my parents visit, we're doing this again! Thank you, Mary!

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Nov 17 2015

Upon hearing about the concept for the first time from my friend Ken, the Dubai Food Tour by Bicycle got me intrigued and hyped. See, among other personal things, there are these two particular interests of mine that keep my feet happily stranded in this city: food and fitness. Stumbling upon an experience that merges both, I must say Dubai is trying its best to keep me entertained! Mary, our group's taste guide, along with Lara, took us to five stops full of delicious food, interesting stories and pure fun! We eagerly pedalled from one restaurant to another, anxious of what awaited us in every destination. At one point during our tour, we stopped for a while and engaged ourselves in the nearby Dubai fishermen’s community. The view was completely surreal; the towering buildings of new Dubai serve as an industrial background to the quaint fishing boats of the old city. One may quickly judge the simple appearance of the dishes served, but as Mary spoke about each dish with much gusto, I began to see the ‘unexpected’ in the ‘unassuming.’ Kudos to Mary and Lara of Tastecapade for a well-organized Dubai Food Tour by Bicycle!

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  • Taste delicious Emirati food in a traditional setting
  • Bike through old neighborhoods and ports
  • Learn about the fishing culture
  • Taste freshly caught fish
  • Explore some of Dubai's hidden gems
  • Eat at the first and most famous food truck in Dubai
  • Taste the best dishes of Levantine cuisine
  • Witness the contrast of old and new Dubai
  • Drink a surprise cocktail that combines Arabian flavors
  • Taste up to 9 special dishes
  • Bike rental and F&B included in tour price


  • Free cancellation before 48 hours.


  • Guests must arrange transportation to and from meeting point,
  • Tour includes food and beverage on the tour program only - anything outside the program must be purchased,
  • Ages 14+,
  • Guest must know how to ride a bicycle - no walking alternative can be provided,
  • Biking time = 1 hour out of 4 hour tour