Georgia is a country rich in its history, culture, and cuisine.

There is so much to do around Tblisi with the variety of restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Most restaurants have entertainment in the form of traditional Georgian folklore dancing and singing and can go through the night. Wine is a favorite drink and the industry is one of the oldest in the world going back 8,000 years.

Around every corner you will find pastry shops making “Khachapuri” which is a delicious bread filled with cheese, beans, or rice and veggies. You can also find the famous Acharuli Khachapuri which consists of cheese and a slightly cooked egg cracked on top. So rich and delicious.


Preparing delicious Georgian pastries


Cheese oozing out of the Khachapuri


Acharuli Kachapuri just out of the oven

Apart from street food, restaurants are filled with traditional meals that include a variety of appetizers made up of eggplant, spinach, and cauliflower. Walnut is an important ingredient in Georgian cuisine and is used in many dishes. It is also used to make the famous “Walnut Sauce”.