The cold, hard facts and inspiration for Feed Young Minds

According to Unesco figures, 67.4 million children are out of school.

The mission

There is no doubt that governments, NGO’s, people and companies are doing their part. But our world needs so much more. We, together, have the power to make our world a better place.  Global brands have the power of leading change by reaching out to millions of people at once and raising awareness to their audience with trust at its core.  In so many ways, governments lack the power and resources to achieve.

We’d like to join the many companies that believe in change and believe that the work they do is more powerful than enhancing the profit bottom line.

To that end, we are launching the “Feed Young Minds”, our new school for food program. A percentage of every booking our users make through tasetcapade will be directed to this program. As a tastecapade community we get to enjoy all the delicious food on offer, while also be giving back to people who need it the most. By the end of our first year of operations, the tastecapade team along with selected community members will build a school in an underprivileged community. The school will have a food program that offers every child a free meal for each day attended as a way to encourage families to send their children to school instead of the claws of the streets and child labour.  This will be a continuous program and will be expanded into different communities all around the world.


The founder’s note

People, corporations and governments alike, want to make money. Unfortunately, money is the sole currency for food, shelter and means for survival. For the more fortunate ones, it opens the doors for so much more.

As humans, it is in our nature to be generous, loving and kind. But with all the competition and advancements and crazy lives we live, it’s become hard to think about anyone outside ourselves and immediate circle. I have been a guilty of that myself. I have always felt the need to reach out and give back to the world, but found that direct, measurable and efficient campaigns are challenging to find. It felt like the easiest way to do this was to donate to other charities and let them do the work. Needless to say, I hold much respect for these charitable organizations and the impact that have been able to imprint on communities. But with a big chunk of the money going to NGO admin costs alone, I have been haunted by the question, “Is this how it’s supposed to be”?

So why did our hearts land on an education for food program?

In most underprivileged communities, there exists a vicious cycle of low income households not being able to afford proper education which closes the door on many opportunities, leaving them with a limited pool of employment options; if any, to earn a living. And in their decision tree, education provides the least incentive.  Instead, for the lack of a better alternative, children are often sent out to the streets to earn a living. From that point onwards, opportunities only get slimmer and hope of a brighter future grimmer. According to Unesco figures, 67.4 million children are out of school. The end result is an increased income disparity, where the poor keep on getting poorer and rich keep on getting richer. And how do we break this cycle? We create the foundations for equality. And equality of the people cannot be achieved without equality of opportunity and access to proper education and healthcare.  Education can change lives, can progress nations and people. It can create jobs and develop entrepreneurs. Education creates opportunities. Education allows you to communicate, analyze, and most of all, it shapes the way you think about life, business, society and the future to the better.

Join us to feed young minds and giving others access to a good education and a warm meal to pave their way for a brighter future.