We all love vacations. Fun, sun and good food. In fact, your whole vacation becomes a “cheat day”. We’re all for tasting as much good food as your body can handle, but we do recommend some ways you could keep those holiday calories down to at least take the guilt away!

1. Explore on Foot

A great way to burn some calories after a big meal is to walk it off. If you’re exploring a new city, make an effort to take a little stroll after eating. To the degree possible, use public transportation. Not only will public transportation give you a better feel of the place, it will also help you burn the calories as you’ll generally need to do a little walking before you reach the train and/or bus station.

Holiday Calories

2. Bring Out the Child in You

Take the opportunity to bond with your kids with some physical play time while on your holiday. If you end up on the beach, for example, join in on the fun. Play catch, throw the ball around or build that perfect sand castle. Your kids will love you for it and you’ll burn some calories. If you don’t have kids, refer to points 7 and 8 below.

3. Go On a Food Tour

Best way to enjoy food in a new location is via a guide to the best in local food hot spots. When on a food tour, you don’t have to feel as guilty as you would otherwise as you’re forced to burn calories along the way.  You can opt for one of the various types of food tours that are generally available, some with bicycles and others on foot. The portions are generally small but numerous and you’re always on the move. You will have an amazing cultural experience while enjoying great food and burning some calories.

Holiday Calories

4. Choose Wine Over Beer

Make an effort to order wine instead of beer, especially with food. I am a beer person myself but we all know want to avoid that beer belly! Studies have shown that red wine can help you lose weight! As an alternative to a pub hopping, try a wine tour this time. It’s always a special experience to go wine tasting and you’ll spare yourself some of those beer calories.

5. Pack Your Running Shoes

Take advantage of the facilities at your resort or hotel. Most places have a gym and it’s usually empty. Try to hit the gym early on during the day and get it out or the way. It will give your day a boost of energy and will allow you the privilege to enjoy your meals throughout the day without feeling guilty about holiday calories. If you don’t have access to a gym, go for a run on the beach or in the park.  If not a run, go for a brisk walk.

6. Dance the Night Away

Remember, you are on holiday! You will probably never see any of these people again so make an effort to hit the dance clubs and go for it… and in the process… burn those calories. No one will judge your moves… and if they do, chances are, they won’t remember you in the morning.

Holiday Calories

7. Make Lots of Love

After a day of wining and dining, make time for love. Love making has many known benefits! Not only does it help you sleep better, it also boost your immune system, helps you feel better physically, live longer…and, it’s also a great form of exercise. Being on holiday is a good excuse for lots of love making!

8. Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Depending upon your holiday destination, you’ll likely have multiple outdoor adventure options ranging from hiking and trekking to water related activities such as kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving or fishing. Unfortunately, we often fail to take advantage of the activities that are relevant to our destination because we either didn’t book in advance or we didn’t think those options were available and realized too late. Instead, do a little research before your travel and understand the options at your disposal on your next holiday because having a big outdoor adventure is likely to help you kick some those excess holiday calories.

Holiday Calories

9. Drink Lots of Water!

We all forget to drink water not only when we are on a holiday but even in our day to day lives. Staying hydrated is very vital, and even more so, if you are in a different climate and doing a lot of eating, drinking and moving around. Water helps keep you energized, cleansed and refreshed. It also helps with weight loss. Studies show that drinking water helps burn body fat by increasing your metabolism. So always make sure you have a water bottle on you and leave the soda behind.


Contributer: Dunia Tuqan