Join us on the Rio food tour to walk and eat in Rio's most interesting neighborhoods in 5-6 hours. Visit a street market, try exotic fruits and juices, delicious street food snacks, food from the Amazon, Brazilian beers and caipirinhas.

Time: 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM



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Oct 05 2016

Tom really has an amazing way of sharing information about food, neighbourhoods in Rio and it's people. He takes you on an adventure for your taste buds in a fun, casual and energizing way. We did it on our fourth day, but regretted not doing it sooner. By far the best kind of tour for a city like Rio.

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Sep 16 2016

This is an excellent tour that is best taken at the start of your trip. You will sample many local foods and get comfortable with some great neighbourhoods and the metro. Tom is an entertaining and informative host. His follow-up before and after the trip was a nice touch. We sampled so many things it was great to receive a list the following day. We tried some things that even my Brazilian colleagues did not know were available.

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Sep 14 2016

I am going to struggle to get into words how amazing this tour is. I would forget about every other tour and book this first. it is a must do as soon as you get to Rio.  Tom showed us around the food market and restaurants, explained the history, process of the food and drinks we tried and bought everything.  I felt completely safe on his tour which helped me feel much more comfortable in Rio walking around. We loved it so much the next day, we found another food market and walked around feeling very confident of buying different things just like I lived there.  I cannot thank Tom for an amazing day, which weeks later we still talk about. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING

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Sep 06 2016

I would wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone - you don't have to be a foodie to get something out of it. As someone who shies away somewhat from tours as they can be formulaic and impersonal, this was exactly what I want from a tour. It was really interesting, fun and relaxed - we tried lots of weird and wonderful food and drink, while exploring Rio at the same time.  Our guide Tom was really flexible and tailored the tour to the group's wishes. He was so knowledgeable about Rio and Brazilian food, his passion for both evident throughout, and we were able to go to places and experience things which wouldn't have been possible without him.

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  • Visit a street market
  • Taste exotic juices and fruits
  • Street food dishes
  • Typical regional Brazilian dishes
  • Brazilian beers a caipirinhas
  • Selarón Steps
  • Lapa Arches


  • Free cancellation before 72 hours.


  • Please inform us of all allergies or other dietary restrictions