Traveling in Hanoi and want to make sure you fill your stomach space with some great food? Make sure you try these Hanoi Dishes that are sure to leave you satisfied.

1. Cà Phê Trứng or Egg Coffee

You heard it, Egg Coffee! This delightful drink is made up of whisked egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and Vietnamese coffee! You’ll wish all coffee tasted like this. There’s even a chocolate version of it.

egg coffee1

2. Nom Thit Bo Kho or Dried Beef Papaya Salad

This salad is a result of a delicious mixture of ingredients. It’s made of dried beef, papaya, herbs, and toasted peanuts all mixed up with the sauce. This dish is usually served in layers requiring you to mix up the flavors at your table.

Dried Beef Papaya Salad

dried beef papaya salad toss

3. Kem Chanh – Rice Ice Cream

This is a snack you can get your hands on in any grocery store. You might think it’s just a popsicle but we guarantee it’s like something you’ve never had before. The creaminess from the rice milk makes this ice cream a rich and flavorful dessert. Signature flavors to watch out for are coconut and peppermint!

Kem Chanh Rice Icecream


4.  Bo Bia Ngot – Coconut Sweet Wrap

This delicious Hanoi dish is made of shredded coconut, black sesame seed, and palm sugar wrapped in a crepe like roll. It’s a pretty healthy and light snack because of the use of palm sugar, so you can eat away without feeling too guilty.

Bo BIa Ngot Coconut Wrap


5. Pho

This Vietnamese noodle soup is arguably the most popular dish in the country. The locals have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is made up of a broth mixed with noodles, meat, and herbs.