Middle Eastern Comfort Food Delivered

Middle Eastern Comfort Food Delivered
TIME: 10:00 AM GMT -5
DURATION: 7 hours

No Cancellation

Toronto, Canada

This lunch program brings Middle Eastern and international favorites right to your door. We offer fresh and healthy homestyle cooked meals on a weekly basis.  (Total of 5 lunch portions)

Menu for week of Monday April 19th:

1. Ma2loubeh x 2: Cauliflower, Swiss chard and beef rice pillaf. served with yogurt
2. Sabanekh x 2: a delicious and fresh spinach stew, served with chicken and rice
3. Mjadarra: Spiced rice and lentils served with kafta pieces. Topped with caramalized onions and a side of Tahini parsley


  • Fresh food
  • Top ingredients
  • Scratch cooking
  • Delivery fee included in price


  • Once an order is placed, we do not accept cancellations but we can push delivery date to the future
  • When placing your order, please include your full address in the comments section. Delivery will be done on Monday between 10 am- 5 pm. All meal options can be Vegan please include any dietary restrictions in the comments section.

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