FRI Sep 10  — Pick Up Dinner: Lebanese Rosto by Mary Freij
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Sahtein — the ‘bon appetit’ of Lebanese/Syrian Arabic dialects — is an invitation to come and share this lovely meal of Middle Easter comfort foods, prepared with love by Palestinian/Lebanese Chef Mary Freij, formerly of The Dep’s popular Mazeh brunch.

Shorbat Adas
A classic way to start a meal across the entire Levant (South Eastern Mediterranean region), this lemony puree of yellow lentils cooked with onions and cumin, is topped with crispy fried pita bread.

A comforting meal of slow-cooked roast beef infused with garlic and allspice, rosto is made in a lot of Middle Eastern homes to celebrate special occasions. Slices or roast beef are served with mashed potatoes, a side of carrots, onions & peas, and served with a rich, delicately spiced gravy.

Also available vegan: a chickpea and mushrooms ‘roast’ with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, all spice and sage

Umm Ali
A rich, decadent Middle Eastern bread pudding made with puff pastry that is soaked in sweetened cream, and topped with almonds and pistachios.

Beef, Vegetarian
Middle Eastern Roast Beef Dinner for 2 $48 • for 4 $90

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